At PADS we are very aware of how Winter brings extremely cold temperatures that effect our guests first hand. PADS of Elgin staff and volunteers work together in these extreme conditions to ensure that our guests have safety and warmth while in shelter. With Elgin becoming the focus of media attention as of late we wanted to be able to clarify how we operate the shelter during extreme temperatures.

Winter Shelter Operation Hours

When temperatures outside dip to 15 degrees and below our shelter is open to guests 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We work with Wayside Cross Ministries, a separate organization from PADS of Elgin, that operates a day program (Monday-Saturday 8am to 4pm) in the same building to ensure guests do not have to be outside in extreme weather conditions. The ability to be open 24/7 is only possible because of generous time and care given by volunteers, board members, and staff to ensure coverage at all hours.

How Can I Help?

People are very generous in the Elgin area community and want to help our guests thrive and find sustainable housing. There are various ways you can make a direct impact in our guests lives and become part of the solution to combat homelessness. Consider joining our meal donor team, volunteering or donating items to help shelter operations. If you have questions regarding how you can help our guests please call our office during business hours at 847.608.9744 or email us.