Susan, middle aged single woman was an alcoholic who managed to hold down a full time job, when she came to PADS. Susan worked hard at a job that paid a little above minimum wage, which afforded her income but not enough to pay rent and was too much to qualify for government subsidies like Medicaid, a LINK card and a government issued phone. She became aware she was going to lose those benefits and even when she and case managers looked into private insurance options it was still astronomically more than she could afford.

She became depressed and despondent about her situation. Case managers would hear from her “Why am I working? What for?” She became disengaged and demotivated knowing that no matter how hard she worked it wasn’t enough. She also still refused to address her alcohol addiction.

Susan soon lost her job and started drinking even more heavily. As a part of her action plan, case managers continued to meet with her and address safety concerns of withdrawal. Case managers expressed respect of Susan’s choice not to enter treatment even after Susan was provided with several resources to assist with medically detoxing. For several days case managers remained empathetic and worked diligently to assist her in spite of her ambivalence. One day Susan walked in and came up to a case manager and said “I’m ready”.

Susan began her journey to sobriety by first medically detoxing at a facility for seven days. She completed the medical detox and continued her path toward sobriety. Susan entered a 28 day program where she attended meetings, struggled, called PADS staff for support. When she successfully completed the program she had re-gained her self-confidence, and found an inner strength that she never knew she had. After treatment she was immediately placed in a sober living house.

We are now proud to report that Susan continues to remain at the sober living house, works full time, attends AA meetings every day and is making plans for her future.