Have you ever heard of The Moth ? It is a non profit group based in New York, started in 1997, that collect recorded stories of real people telling true stories on stage in front of a live audiences. Sometimes the stories are curated and presented as the Moth Radio Hour program on NPR radio but it is also available as a downloadable podcast as well.

The stories can range from funny to serious and reflective. Many of the stories are short, less than 10 minutes, and are very well presented. Here are some wonderfully presented stories that we have picked, that are honest, true and important to hear. The following stories in various forms deal with homelessness. There are a wide range of ages and experiences.

Our story recommendations are:

Holding Your Breath by Gretchen Waschke

Sit Tight, Kid by Jason Schmidt

Rescue Mission by Sheri Holman

Demon of the Past by Jeanette Walls

This Church by Mark Redmond

Dream House on Fire by Katie Smith

The Moth began on a back porch in small-town Georgia, where the founder—poet and best-selling novelist George Dawes Green—would spend sultry summer evenings swapping spellbinding tales with a small circle of friends.There was a hole in the screen, which let in moths that were attracted to the light, and the group started calling themselves “The Moths.” 

The photo featured is by Flash Rosenburg for The Moth. All copyright belongs to the artist and The Moth.